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creative coach & brand development for daring doers

creative coach

(digital witch. brand buddy. social media know it all. you decide.)

I help brands tell their story; authentically and strategically. 

My primary focus is driving content strategy and execution utilizing public relations, social media, marketing communications, and good old fashion brand narrative. My goal is always to help clients maximize their marketing initiatives with strong social and public relations efforts, using the power of their stories.


With more than a decade of multi-disciplinary writing experience, I'll help you create content that bridges the gap between public relations and digital strategies. 


Rebel Marie provides a full suite of social media, content, and public relations services, as well as dedicated brand development and creative coaching support. 

Brand Audit

The social landscape is forever changing. Algorithms. Newsfeeds. Best practices. It can be daunting. I'll review your existing social channels and brand assets then provide a detailed report of what's working, what's not, and what you can do next to get it all aligned. 

Brand Voice + Style Guide

Are you ready to take the reigns but need a Brand Bible prepared so yourself and/or your team can execute your look and feel flawlessly every time, no matter who is behind the wheel? You need a brand voice and style guide. 

Content Strategy

We'll work together to define your quarterly or annual goals and how best to leverage your existing content (social sites, blogs + website) to create a customer journey that converts.

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