Speaking: Midwest Craft Con 2018

Speaking: Midwest Craft Con 2018


Meet me in Columbus, OH

February 2018 

Midwesters! Near to the midwesters! West Coasters and East Coasters who love me a lot! The Southern Brethren! Hear ye, hear ye!

I’ll be leading two sessions at the 2018 Midwest Craft Con held in Columbus, OH Feb. 16-18, 2018.

I’ll be going over PR Basics (basically how to DIY a PR strategy and materials for the creative professional since, you know, not everyone can afford to hire me to write your press releases. Yet. We'll get you there.)

And the one I’m REALLY excited about is “How Not To Suck Online” a session on finding your brand identity online and not being boring or giving in to trolls while you do it. SUPER stoked for this one.

Coincidentally, I’m also writing a book on the same topic. Because of all that spare time and energy I have and all.

ANYWAY, Midwest Craft Con is a convention for mid-career creative professionals: indie dyers, designers, photographers, lifestyle bloggers, artists, makers of any kind and ilk are welcome. 

 I am ridiculously excited/honored/terrified to be a part of this and I hope you’ll join me!

(Use this link to get your tickets and I get credit for bringing you along! High fives on me when we get to Columbus in Feb!)

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