Pricing + Services


Complete brand strategy services starting at $125/hour. 


Social media audit 

$125 for up to three platforms — The social landscape is forever changing. Algrorithms. Newsfeeds. Best practices. It can  be daunting. I'll review your existing social channels and provide a detailed report of what's working, what's not and what you can do next to get it all aligned. 

Content strategy

Variable hourly rate —  We'll work together to define your quarterly or annual goals and how best to leverage your existing content (social sites, blogs + website) to create a customer journey that converts. 

public relations, Social media management, blog writing and media training also available. 


Digital marketing

Variable hourly rate —  Managing ad buys on social media is maddening. I'll help you gather the assets needed and find a digital marketing plan that works for your business and your budget. 

brand voice and style guide

Variable hourly rate —  Are you ready to take the reigns but need a Brand Bible prepared so yourself and/or your team can  execute your look and feel flawlessly every time, no matter who is behind the wheel? You need a brand voice and style guide.